Access to space is evolving,
why shouldn’t satellites?

Space industry is quickly evolving, space launch has already been transformed but satellites still need to find ways to evolve, we believe a shared orbital economy is the key.

In the past decade, the space industry has seen significant changes, primarily driven by the emergence of privatespace companies like SpaceX, RocketLab or Planet.

This evolution has mainly been focused on lowering the barrier of access to space by lowering launch costs and easing access to space.

Yet, on the satellite side, the conceptual approach of space missions hasn’t changed significantly. Of course, the miniaturization of electronic components has allowed the rise of CubeSats and with them an easier access to orbit, opening the way to a diversification of space uses. But we still conceive satellites as in the beginning of the space age: a platform that provides the necessary to a main instrument during a mission, strictly defined well before launch.

At SpaceLocker we are committed to making a change to answer the need for affordable, flexible, reliable and sustainable space missions.


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