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Increase your field of opportunities by combining your capabilities with our payload hosting technology and services.
We guarantee easy integration and operation of the hosted payloads on your spacecraft thanks to our universal interface.
With our standardized payload hosting solution, you can facilitate the accommodation of payloads on your satellite. We handle all the technical and commercial aspects, ensuring easy integration and operation of the payloads

Simplify your payload hosting offer with a more repeatable approach, while improving your hosting offering and expanding its addressable market.


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Why collaborate with us?

Innovation opens doors: access new markets and customer segments with our services. By partnering with us, you broaden your commercial horizon and enhance your customer offering.

Improve your customer offering

  • LImproved customer experience thanks to SpaceLocker’s pre-flight and in-air support.
  • LSmooth integration and operation facilitated by our universal SpaceLocker interface.
  • LAbility to host multiple payloads simultaneously without increasing complexity.

Increase your efficiency

  • LProcess simplification with straightforward integration and operation of payloads.
  • LFocus on your core expertise while we handle the complexities of payload hosting.

Enhance your security

  • LThe SpaceLocker interface is secure, isolable (physical air gap), and removable, eliminating any security risk for your vehicle.
  • LYou always keep control of your vehicle and priority of operations.
  • L Retain the right to refuse or select payloads.

Highlight your expertise and adaptability

  • LFocus on what you do best: space transportation and logistics.
  • LOur interface is reliable, suitable for all types of payload and offers you seamless repeatability thanks to its standardised design.

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Answers to your questions

How is my vehicle adapted?

After a co-engineering phase with our tech team, we taylor our interface technology to your vehicle, produce it and install it onboard your vehicle. In most cases, we’ll take the manufacturing and integration costs on our side.

What happens if my vehicle or the customer is late?

The universality of our interface enables us to shift customers from a flight to another. If your vehicle is late, we will charge you light delay fees to cover our logistics. If a customer is late, we’ll find another one or make a dummy payload to take its slot(s). Depending on the type of vehicle, rebooking/delay fees might change.

What minimum specifications must my vehicle meet to become a host?

This is highly dependent on the type of vehicle you are flying. Yet, in most cases we can start as small as 10x10x10cm and ~10W. Communication bandwidth can also be a limiting factor, if that is the case we can provide support in increasing your vehicle capabilities. The fill rate of your vehicle will be related to its specifications and although SpaceLocker can provide support in improving it, we cannot be held responsible for low demand.

How do you manage on-board safety?

The SpaceLocker interface has been designed to integrate different levels of redundancy and security. Physical isolation (air gap) can be activated in the event of abnormal or suspicious behavior of hosted payloads. Software and electrical isolations are also implemented to prevent any propagation of a malfunction of an on-board experiment. SpaceLocker also performs a KYC on each of its users before their flight. Depending on the type of vehicle you operate or the nature of your business, higher levels of security and redundancy can be implemented. We aim to be compatible with the most demanding sectors, such as defense.