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What brings you to orbit today?

Technology Demonstration

Your test bench in orbit

Space is hard. Yet innovation shouldn’t be limited by risk, complexity, or budget. We work with all players in the space industry to de-risk, test, improve, and prove their technologies directly in orbit. Rather than enduring long engineering or testing phases, endless V-cycles, and preventive safety margins, choose a more representative and flexible path by flying your prototypes directly.

Earth Observation

Go further than existing data

Observing our planet is essential to understanding it and improving our way of living on and with it. Satellites are key to this mission, providing permanent insight into our home, its biodiversity, and our activities. However, the data already available limits our perspectives. Overcome these limitations by sending your own sensors into orbit. Tailored to your needs, they will provide you with detailed and proprietary data to enhance the insights you offer to your users. For Earth observation projects, we provide the space infrastructure needed to easily generate your data while managing your scale with progressive hosted constellation deployment. Don’t worry about complex data budgets or embedded data management; we give you direct access to your payload in Python or similar. With high-quality host vehicles, we offer more reliable and efficient missions than dedicated satellites, at a lower cost.


Connect the world

Space is by far the highest point you’ll find to cover the world. IoT, positioning, signal intelligence, emergency response — our hosting solutions can accommodate various passive and emitting payloads, from single missions to high-coverage multi-payload missions. We can also provide support for frequency filings, which can be the bottleneck of such missions. Furthermore, our shared vehicles can provide high power peaks and thermal management, which frequently limit telecommunication missions.

Space & Biology Sciences

Understanding our universe

For centuries, humanity has been looking up at the stars, wondering about its origins and its place in the universe. Science and exploration are among the most important reasons we venture beyond our atmosphere. Yet, such science missions often require high performance, stability, and precise pointing. Thanks to high-end, shared satellites, we can host demanding science missions. From space weather or astrophysics to biology, we are equipped to host any mission from Low-Earth Orbit to the Moon and beyond!


Space for all

Universities worldwide have already proven that they can bring great value to the space industry, sometimes going further than what agencies or private companies are capable of. Furthermore, as with any science, there is no theory without practice. Our services are here for teachers or associations looking to actualize their missions by flying their own instruments. Payload hosting enables you to focus on specific components without having to build a full mission from scratch.


Think Outside the Box

We’re not here to tell you what you could develop in orbit. Space is an evolving industry where new ideas flourish every day. This is why we made our technology as universal as possible. So do not limit yourself—if you have something to send to space, we are here to make your mission possible!