Spacelocker becomes the first startup to join Thales Alenia Space’s industrial accelerator

SpaceLocker Celebrates Milestone as First Startup in Thales Alenia Space’s Space Business Catalyst

SpaceLocker proudly announces its participation as the first startup to join the prestigious Thales Alenia Space’s Space Business Catalyst program. This milestone marks a significant step in SpaceLocker’s journey, highlighting the collaboration with a major player in the space industry on critical topics such as Payload Hosting and In-Orbit Servicing.

Collaborative Strength in the Space Industry

The partnership with Thales Alenia Space exemplifies the synergistic potential between established industry giants and agile, innovative startups. By working closely with Thales Alenia Space, SpaceLocker aims to leverage shared expertise and resources to accelerate the development of pioneering solutions for the space sector.

Théophile Lagraulet, CEO and Co-founder of SpaceLocker, expressed confidence in the collaborative model:

“We are convinced that the future of the space industry will be built jointly by large legacy players such as Thales Alenia Space and agile, innovative players.”

A Year of Growth and Innovation

Throughout its one-year acceleration program, SpaceLocker has focused on developing a standardized interface for future in-orbit operations. This initiative aligns with Thales Alenia Space’s mission to support startups that are shaping the future of space exploration and technology.

The Space Business Catalyst program, based at Thales Alenia Space’s sites in Toulouse and Turin, provides a robust platform for startups to collaborate, innovate, and scale their operations. By offering resources, mentorship, and industry connections, the program fosters the growth of startups aiming to revolutionize the space industry.

Supporting a Diverse Range of Startups

The Space Business Catalyst continues to support a diverse array of startups. Alongside SpaceLocker, the program has welcomed AIKO, which focuses on artificial intelligence solutions for space operations automation, and Space DOTS, which is developing in-space laboratories for material testing and qualification.

Thales Alenia Space remains committed to supporting the growth and development of other innovative startups such as 3IPK, which offers a blockchain solution to ensure the integrity of space data, Orbital Matter, which is pioneering 3D printing directly in space, and Space Cargo Unlimited, which is advancing in-orbit production with its Rev-1 module.

Looking Forward

The successful completion of SpaceLocker’s acceleration program marks the beginning of a promising journey in collaboration with Thales Alenia Space. As SpaceLocker continues to innovate and expand, the partnership is expected to yield transformative advancements in the space industry.

About SpaceLocker:

SpaceLocker, a European space startup based in Paris and Toulouse, France, proposes orbital hosting services to make space mission easier, faster and more sustainable. Thanks to a universal satellite interface it indeed enables a seamless and versatile integration of experiments onboard shared spacecraft from smallsats to geostationary satellites including space stations or space tugs.

About Thales Alenia Space:

Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), is a global leader in the space industry. The company designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative space systems and services, making significant contributions to space exploration, science, and telecommunications.

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