Spacelocker’s first shared mission: Hitchhicker 1

SpaceLocker has announced its inaugural mission, Hitchhiker 1, scheduled for launch at the end of this year. This mission represents a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to make space more accessible, efficient, and sustainable.

Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Future

The Hitchhiker 1 mission will be hosted aboard D-Orbit’s innovative ION Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV). This partnership brings together SpaceLocker’s cutting-edge technology and D-Orbit’s reliable space logistics solutions, enabling three pioneering users to access Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to demonstrate their groundbreaking technologies. The collaboration underscores a commitment to sustainability and highlights SpaceLocker’s ability to rapidly deploy missions, with Hitchhiker 1 developed in under three months.

Fast-Track Access to Space

SpaceLocker is dedicated to simplifying and democratizing access to space. The Hitchhiker 1 mission embodies a fast-track approach, offering swift and streamlined access to orbit for a diverse range of payloads. This platform reduces the barriers to entry, facilitating innovation in space technology for hardware and software alike.

Insights from Leadership

Théophile Lagraulet, CEO and Co-founder of SpaceLocker, emphasized the strategic importance of this mission:

“Simplifying access to space and generation of space data is a priority if we are to remain competitive and continue to democratize the use of space in the terrestrial economy. It is also an essential building block in the development of a true orbital economy.”

Matteo Zeni, D-Orbit’s sales specialist, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration:

“We are excited to collaborate with SpaceLocker on the ‘Hitchhiker 1’ mission. By combining the capabilities of our ION OTV with SpaceLocker’s technology, we are fostering our common vision of a more accessible and environmentally conscious space industry.”

Opening Commercial Flight Opportunities

The launch of Hitchhiker 1 officially opens up commercial flight opportunities. Interested parties looking to send hardware or software to orbit can contact SpaceLocker’s sales team at to explore how the company can support their space ambitions.

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